The prediction average is the average prediction of a set of computer ratings.
All lines are in reference to the home team.  +3 means the home team is favored
to win by 3 points and -3 means the visitor is favored by 3 points.  I am using
predictions that are posted on the various web pages or the ratings that are sent to me.
These predictions are being used for research and informational purposes only.
Disclaimer Comma Separated File that can be read into Excel
Last updated: Thursday June 16, 3:01:14 PM CDT

Home Road Line Open Line Prediction Avg. Prediction Standard Deviation
Boston Golden State 3.5 3.5 2.84 1.31

Home Road Line lineopen Sagarin Sagarin Recent Sagarin Pred. Sagarin Golden Mean Sonny Moore Massey Ratings Stat Fox ESPN FPI Dunkel Index Dokter Entropy Versus Sports Simulator Donchess Inference Talisman Red Roundtable lineavg
Boston Golden State 3.5 3.5 2.38 3.38 2.29 1.88 0.83 3.45 4 5.8 2.55 1.62 4.22 2.5 2.84