The prediction average is the average prediction of a set of computer ratings.
All lines are in reference to the home team.  +3 means the home team is favored 
to win by 3 points and -3 means the visitor is favored by 3 points.  I am using
predictions that are posted on the various ranking's pages or the ratings that
are sent to me.
These predictions are being used for research and informational purposes only. Disclaimer More NBA picks here Comma Separated File that can be read into Excel Games of 05/19/2022 Updated 3:01:13 PM Home Visitor Opening Updated Prediction Prediction Line Line Average Standard Deviation Miami Boston 5.00 3.50 1.81 2.25

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  Home                  Visitor              Line   AVG    SAG    SPTS   SGM    SREC   MOR    PR     FOX    DOK    DUNK   MASS   VSS    DONC    TR    ESPN   NUT     LA    RND    Home                  Visitor

Miami                Boston                  3.50   1.81   0.61   0.47   0.94  -0.04   3.14    .     1.00  -0.20   1.64   0.54    .     5.00    .     6.79    .      .      .     Miami                 Boston