Computer Rating System Prediction Results for Pro football (NFL)

Through 2023-09-25
Rank System Pct. Correct Against Spread Absolute Error Bias Mean Square Error games suw sul atsw atsl
1Line (updated)0.000000.00000
2What If Sports0.000000.00000
4Talisman Red0.000000.00000
5Odds Shark0.000000.00000
7Laffaye RWP0.000000.00000
9Versus Sports Simulator0.000000.00000
10Pi-Rate Ratings0.000000.00000
11Line (opening)0.000000.00000
12Line (Midweek)0.000000.00000
13System Median0.000000.00000
14Massey Ratings0.000000.00000
15ARGH Power Ratings0.000000.00000
16Stephen Kerns0.000000.00000
17Dan Hanson0.000000.00000
19RP Excel 20.000000.00000
20RP Excel0.000000.00000
21Donchess Inference0.000000.00000
22Daniel Curry Index0.000000.00000
23John Coffey0.000000.00000
24Cleanup Hitter0.000000.00000
25Bihl Rankings0.000000.00000
26System Average0.000000.00000
27Ashby AccuRatings0.000000.00000
pct correct = percent straight up picking winners
against spread =  percent against the midweek line
absolute error = average(prediction - actual result)
bias = absolute value(prediction - actual result)
mean square error = absolute error squared
games collected
suw = straight up wins
sul = straight up losses
atsw = against the spread wins
atsl = against the spread losses