The prediction average is the average prediction of a set of computer ratings.
All lines are in reference to the home team.  +3 means the home team is favored 
to win by 3 points and -3 means the visitor is favored by 3 points.  I am using
predictions that are posted on the various ranking's pages or the ratings that
are sent to me.
These predictions are being used for research and informational purposes only. Disclaimer
Comma Separated File that can be read into Excel
Updated:      Monday, February 3, 2014    10:29 AM

  Home                Visitor          Opening   Updated  Prediction  Prediction      Prediction          Prediction
                                         line     line       Avg.       Median     Standard Deviation     Min    Max

Denver             Seattle              -1.50      2.00     -0.17       -0.60            2.48            -5.00   5.12

Sagarin Ed Kambour Football Ratings Pigskin Index
PerformanZ Ratings Dunkel Index NutShell Predictive Sonny Moore
ARGH Power Ratings Enhanced Spread Projections CPA Rankings Ashby AccuRatings

  Home               Visitor             LINE   SAG    PFZ    ARGH   KAM    DUNK   ESP    PIG    NSP    CPA    CPAR   MOR    ASHB      Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00  -2.44  -0.02  -5.00   1.19   5.12  -1.10   1.00    .    -0.75  -2.25  -0.12   1.00    Denver        Seattle

Dokter Entropy Scoring Effeciency Least Squares w/ team specific HFA Stat Fox
Pythagorean Ratings Turnover Adjusted Least squares Least Absolute Value Regression Sagarin Curve/Pred
Beck Elo Least Squares Regression Logistic Regression

  Home               Visitor             LINE   DOK    PYTH   ELO    EFF    TAL2   L2     L2HF   L1     LOG    FOX    SAGC  SAGP       Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00  -1.63  -1.73  -1.10  -1.19   5.11  -1.92  -1.77  -1.39  -1.04  -3.00  -1.74  -2.86    Denver        Seattle

Massey Ratings What If Sports Ed Bemiss Stephen Kerns
Laffaye RWP Game Time Decision Lee Burdorf Steven Jens
Laffaye XWP Points Per Game RP Excel

  Home               Visitor             LINE   MASS   LRWP   LXWP   WHIF   GAME   PPG     EB    BURD   RPXL   KRNS   JENS   CVRS      Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00  -1.00  -0.75 -11.40   1.00   3.00   1.33  -0.98  -0.60   4.00  -0.90  -2.50  -0.30    Denver        Seattle

Computer Adjusted Line Ed Bemiss Sunshine Donchess Inference David and Pasteur Locksmith
Pi-Rate ratings Dwiggins Sportrends

  Home               Visitor             LINE   CAL    PiR    PiM    PiB    DIR    DOI    SUNP   SUNF   DWIG    ST   LOCK   DaP        Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00   1.50   0.50   0.40   0.50  -4.00   3.09   1.00  -1.00  -1.20   1.50   5.00  0.99     Denver        Seattle

Line (Midweek) Michael Robert Ratings FF-Winners Roundtable
Lou St. John Compughter Ratings Oddsshark John Coffey
Talisman Red RX Ratings Roger Johnson The Smart Bets

  Home               Visitor             LINE   MWL    STJ     TR    MRR    PUGH    RX    FFW     OS     RJ    RNDT   CFFY    SB       Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00   2.00  -3.90  -3.75   0.34  -1.54    .    -4.50   1.20  -0.20   4.00  -1.64    .      Denver        Seattle

Pointshare Ratings Bihl Rankings
YourLinx Turner Ratform Sagarin Pure Elo

  Home               Visitor             LINE    PS    TURN    YL    BIHL   SPE    IRON   SSNL                                         Home         Visitor

Denver             Seattle               2.00  -0.10   3.00  -0.42    .    -2.88  -0.59   2.00                                       Denver        Seattle

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