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Day 1 had snow.  Day 2 had perfectly clear weather.  Today we hiked through rain most of the day.  We started this morning leaving Chamonix France and hiked a pass into Switzerland.  Raining and often very cold but ended better as we got into a pine forest.



After spending two days in Milan Italy and one day cruising Lake Como I arrived in Chamonix France yesterday to start a hiking trip in the Alps.  Day one started out with snow as we traversed across a rather rocky terrain at about 6000 feet.  I’ll try posting a photo.



I’ll be traveling over the next week and a half.  If there are any problems with the baseball pages there will be nothing I can do about it.  I actually haven’t really been watching it for several weeks now.

Tomorrow I am flying to Milan Italy.  I will be there for the rest of the week.  Then Sunday take a train to Chamonix France, home of the first winter olympics.  Then all of next week I will be hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, a hiking trail in the Alps that circles Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe,  from France through Switzerland and into Italy.  I’ll spend a final day in Geneva Switzerland before coming home.

At which point it will be only a couple of weeks until NFL training camps start and football is back.

baseball update

Things have continued to go pretty well with the baseball numbers overall.  Last time I mentioned three categories.  Over/unders, value favorites, and underdogs.  Since the last update the over/unders have gone 14-13, and the underdogs 8-9.  The big change is that the value favorites, which were negative at the time have gone 19-2 sine then.

So of the plays I have made I am 41-30 for +9.95 on over/unders, about a 13% return, 31-18 on favorites for +9.43, a 16% return, and 28-24 on underdogs for +11.11, a 21% return.



I have been making baseball picks using my posted numbers off and on through the season to date and the results are kind of interesting.  I have made picks in 3 situations.

1. Play the over/under when all the numbers agree on one side and the line is a minimum of -110.  The results so far have been 27-17 for a +9.25 units.

2.  Looking for value in picking favorites to win.  To do this I sort the games each day by the line and then look to see if any of them look to present more value that other games with a similar line.  This hasn’t worked at all with a record of 12-16 with a loss of 7.3 units.  This seems kind of strange since it is always picking favorites.

3. Compared to #2 this one is interesting.  Playing underdogs when all the predictions pick the underdog.  This has gone 20-15 for +10.34 units.

So for now playing over/under or the underdog to win any time all of the numbers are in agreement has been a good strategy.   I probably would have expected the reverse results for #2 and #3.


This ought to tempt a few gamblers.  Warren Buffet is sponsoring a contest that will give 1 Billion dollars to anyone who enters and ends up with a perfect bracket.


Yesterday in the NBA the system average went 9-0 straight up but 0-8 ATS.


Yesterday was 1-1, ncaa record 165-142.  The NBA seems really hard right now because every difference in the ratings seems to be due to injuries.

NCAA: Richmond +2, Eastern Michigan -10.5, Texas A&M +10, SIU Edwardsville +9


Back with a couple more games.  NCAA record 164-141, NBA 16-11

NCAA: Cleveland St -8, DePaul +5.5


Yesterday was 1-3-1 and 0-0-1.  I picked the undefeated, number one team in the nation to win by more than 13.5 and they lost their first game.

NCAA: Marshall +3, Texas San Antonio +22, Portland +3.5, CS Sacramento +2, Gonzaga +3

NBA: Golden St. +1.5